How to Look and Feel Your Best While Losing Weight

Tue 31 January 2017
By Chu

When you take up the challenge to lose weight, it’s often because looking and feeling good is important to you. It’s not always easy to keep up appearances while you deal with body buy dihydrocodeine online uk changes like hormones, detoxification, food cravings, and more.

I’m going to help you with some easy, yet effective, tips for better health and lasting weight loss, plus how to look your best while dropping pounds. Realize that when you lose weight, hormonal changes take place. You may also be releasing stored toxins from fat cells as the body burns fat for fuel during weight loss.

One thing that you can do is to drink plenty of water. This helps to eliminate toxins from the body. You can enhance this detoxification process by adding antioxidant-rich green tea. Cilantro, artichokes, garlic and lemon also support detoxification, so add these regularly to your diet.

Next, pay attention to your skin. With a lot of weight loss, excess skin can be an unsightly problem. Keep your well hydrated, moisturized and protected. This means using a high-quality lotion to moisturize the outer layers of the skin. Pay special attention to your feet, which can become dry and cracked. Hands too can become excessively dry, particularly if working in the garden is one of your summer activities. There are many great products on the market to help with dry skin. Check my resource page for information on Melaleuca the Wellness Company.

One way to enhance your skin while losing weight is to make sure you have enough fat in your weight loss program. Omega 3 oils from fish, cod liver oil, flax seeds and walnuts help your skin from the inside out. In addition, olive oil on salads is also beneficial. Many people around the world swear by coconut oil, used topically and for cooking to keep their skin looking and feeling great.

Eat your vegetables, your berries and your spices. The nutrient density of colorful plant-based foods is well documented. Choose richly colored foods over paler versions. Strive to “eat the rainbow” everyday by incorporating a broad spectrum of color in your meals. Multi-vegetable salads, casseroles and soups are a few ways to do this. Add fresh herbs and spices to your meals, as these flavor-enhancers are often a source of concentrated nutrients.

Looking good in your clothes while you lose weight is also challenging. Shopping in the “skinny end” of your closet often feels very rewarding. Treating yourself to a new accessory, clothing item or shoes can reinforce your weight loss efforts. Belts, scarves, jackets and jewelry items are traditional ways to cinch in your clothes, draw attention to your face, and disguise some figure flaws.